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What could go wrong with blogging?

Maybe, starting by this way gives the impression that this is just a lazy action I decided to take.

To be honest, yes it is. I am 23 years old and yet, the only period I can remember myself writing for something without being forced to do so, was in 2015. I wrote some silly poems. Others a little bit more silly, others a little bit less. I really had the sense, that I was actually doing this because I hadn’t have the opportunity to do something else. I was embarked on a ship for 6 months, working as an apprentice engineer and for the first time in my life I was prisoned in an iron place, both physically and mentally as I used to stick to the same routine day by day. I had to escape somehow. Well, I started some fitness training, but I couldn’t manage the rest of my free time. Somehow, I felt that I was taking a little walk leading to depression. And then it happened! My first meet with books and reading. And by reading, I moved to writing. I was excited to see the authors really expressing themselves and the way they felt and looked at the world. I knew I had to try this. So that’s how it started. After a while, I disembarked and took another path in my life. That’s how it stopped. Until now. Having this experience made me feel, that writing is about squeezing yourself out of situations you cannot practically change. Unlike bodies, thoughts can instantly create many different worlds. And those worlds are the reason why I’m starting this. Feel free to join them if you want.

P.S. You might find yourself struggling with my English. I leave in Greece and it’s my second language. It’s not that I put any significant efforts on practicing them, but the circumstances are not the best.

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